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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A perfect example of the "Precious Darling Syndrome"

A young mother in Florida has a child missing for a month before she reports her missing. The grandmother finally gets involved and DEMANDS the police take her daughter into custody for a variety of reasons, first and foremost because the daughter took their car without permission. At the time of the call to the police, the grandmother makes a statement to the effect that the inside of the car "...smells like a dead body."

Here's where the "Precious Darling Syndrome" comes into play. When the 911 call tape was played back to the grandmother, she denies ever saying that. Um, we have it on tape and she DENIES it? How stupid does she think the rest of the world is?

Also, grandma is the one who initiated contact with the police. Grandma's the one who told the police to arrest her daughter. Grandma is the one who wanted her locked up! Now Grandma is the one saying her daughter is innocent. Of what? From where I stand, the whole family is one giant goat rope.

Now, for those of you who don't know what the "Precious Darling Syndrome" is, this is something I made up to answer to the lack of parenting in today's United States. The symptoms are delineated below:
  1. Parent has kids.
  2. Parent refuses to actually parent said kids because they want to be their "friend".
  3. Said kids, due to lack of parenting from the PARENTS, becomes a trouble maker. If they can't get positive reinforcement, they'll go for negative reinforcement. They're looking for discipline in their lives and can't get it anywhere.
  4. Parents are at the school or police station constantly picking up their kids.
  5. Parents are, at some point, shown video footage of their kids committing whatever act has landed them in the police station.
  6. Parents respond with, "Not my precious darling".
  7. Parents then spend most of their kids young lives spending thousands of dollars to keep their kids out of trouble, either in the form of attorney's fees or reparations.
  8. Said kids become adults and their crimes escalate to the point they are now a guest of a long-term stay bar window motel.
  9. Parents visit kids in Cell Block A for an extended period of time.

The parents of Casey Anthony aren't doing her any favors by trying to cover up for her at this late stage. The police are on to her and she's going down for whatever it is she did. Her parents AND her friends have always known her to be a pathological liar, as is stated in the article linked to the title of this blog entry. They should have gotten her help a looooooooong time ago, before she probably killed her daughter. And here's the kicker... Grandma works in the health care field!

As a parent, I can understand not wanting to see something is wrong with your child, especially when it carries the stigma of being a mental illness of some kind. However, to deny it as vehemently as this mom has, well, she's also mentally ill. Now we see where good Ole Casey gets it from...

But who am I to judge? This is just my two cents.

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