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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fred Thompson announces his presidential candidacy

HOORAY! Fred Thompson has officially entered the race for the presidential candidacy. I gotta say, he's got my vote and he has my husband's vote, come November 2008. My husband's from Tennessee so, no surprise there!

But, I am already noticing in the mainstream media, he's already receiving the "negative" labeling. See, I believe the media like to see if they can subvert public opinion. How are they doing this with Fred? By calling him an actor...

Now, there's nothing wrong with being an actor. Arnold did it, got the governor spot and he's STILL an actor, but he's also a governor. When he's done as governor, I expect him to be called "Former Governor of California". John Kerry, now an attorney, no longer as politician, is referred to, by the mainstream media, as Former Senator, John Kerry. Fred Thompson was a senator in Tennessee for seven years. I believe he left office because he was diagnosed with leukemia. Yes, he IS an actor, but he is also a former senator. Why can't the media refer to him as Former Senator Fred Thompson?


Though being an actor is an acceptable occupation, being a senator carries so much more dignity and respect. But ***GASP***, referring to him as a former senator might give him some credibility!

Unfortunately, Americans are sheep. They will blindly and blithely follow whatever crap they are spoon fed by the media. The jury of public opinion is so easily swayed by the media and they love being the puppet masters... Visit the site at the Washington Post which has a grid of the candidates... Look at the bottom where they list Fred Thompson, Actor... Sadly, the majority of the voting public (remember, less than 50% of the registered voters actually vote in any given election) are stupid... They can't do the research themselves and make an informed decision. They have to wait for the media to tell them how they should feel about a particular issue or person. The media, knowing this, pander to the lowest common denominator and use their platforms in the public eye to sway opinion. How much fun is that?

It's going to be a long 15 months...