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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It seems to be a slow news day...

In looking through the news online, I see nothing but the same old regurgitation of rhetoric. Oh, I guess I could discuss yet anothe celebrity arrest or we could have a discussion on A-Rod leaving the Yankees, but I'm not a huge Yankees fan, or really baseball at all unless it's the Cincinnati Reds so...

Where do I go from here?

Um, let's see, I have an article coming out on the first of October in the online edition of Home & Away Magazine. I'm rather proud of this article. This is the one that puts me in the big time in the way of writing for magazines and will give me more credibility. I also got screwed over by a photographer that I WAS working with so I had to submit my own photos, which turned out rather nice, if I do say so myself, and I made a bucketload of money on them as well.

Turns out, the editor at the magazine liked my work and ideas for other articles. I am going to Cripple Creek, CO, next month to do an article on the city as a summer getaway. I'm excited about this one. I get to travel, the city is comping a great deal for me, my youngest son is going with me (he was born in Aurora, CO, and he has no memory of the state), and I get a vacation.

Travel writing is one of the better branches of freelance writing. It probably doesn't pay as much as, say, political or feature writing, but it has a tremendous amount of perks. There's free food, stays in hotels, clothing... To be sure, I don't go into the article thinking I'll get free stuff, but it happens and I never tell them "No".

I'll share some photos of Cripple Creek when I get back. Until then, I'll just keep posting my thoughts on the latest news story. That is assuming something more exciting than Shaguille O'Neal filing for divorce.