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Friday, September 28, 2007

Member of Jena 6 gets bail...

Okay, this will be considered a "charged" editorial here, but this is how I feel, this is my opinion, and I'm entitled to express my opinion.

Background: Six black High School students, in response to coming to school one day and seeing three nooses hanging in a tree there. The noose was hung there by both white AND black students, apparently to remind the black students of the lynchings that are an omnipresent part of a black student's past (according to the perpetrators). It has since come out that the nooses were hung in the tree in relation to a "big game" that was upcoming. To retaliate, six black students beat a white student within an inch of his life. The prosecutor has said he doesn't plan to charge the white students with any crimes while our buddy, Al Sharpton, is asking the black students be let off, scot free, from being charged with any crime.


First, why aren't the white children being charged with any crime? Here in Arizona, there is a law on the books regarding disrupting the school day. If you do something like, I don't know, hang nooses in a tree, which is obviously disruptive to the school day, you are arrested.

Second, if six white students had beaten a black student as badly as the white child was beaten, Al Sharpton would be leading the charge to have said white students charged, sentenced without a jury trial and executed, all before the weekend.

However, the black students involved in this already have police records. This tells me they are already familiar with the law and its consequences. This tells me that the beating wasn't about three nooses, but about breaking the law. In short, these kids did this not for the sake of avenging their past but to beat a white kid nearly to death.

Side note: I also take issue with black people who want to be called African-American. A black man I worked with in Colorado said it best when a patron at the electronics store in which we worked asked for a discount on a price leader item "...for another African brother." My co-worker said to him, "You're not my brother. I am not from Africa either, my family is from the West Indies."

Unless you KNOW you're family came from African slave blood, you don't deserve the title. My family is from Scotland... I know this, I can prove it, on both sides of my family, I am from Scotland. There is one branch of my father's family from Ireland. As a result of this, we call ourselves Scots-Irish, however, I don't demand everyone I meet describe me as, "That Scots-Irish woman."

I'm afraid there really is no solution to the problems in Louisiana. Al Sharpton has issues as it is, using any means necessary to bring to the attention of the world the inequities in the thinking of some, in relation to our fellow countrymen, those of the Black race. In the 1990's, I think, he used a young black girl, telling the world she was raped and had feces rubbed on her by a group of white boys. Big Al used this incident to show the world how bad "Whitey" was and got the world in an uproar. Turns out, it didn't even happen... HE MADE IT UP!!!

Al Sharpton is a cancer in this world. He hates white people so much he has to make up crimes we committ and he uses 15-year-old children to further his cause. He is spreading so much hate in this world, he sets race relations BACK 25 years.

There are even black writers who feel the same way as I. I found a blog written by a black man who says the same thing: "Al Sharpton needs to Sit His Ass Down". This is an extremely well-written blog and worthy of a visit. This young man does more to further the cause of race relations in one blog posting than Al Sharpton does in a month. Also, this man isn't the only one saying what I'm saying. Visit some of the blogs below if you don't believe me:

BlogCritics Magazine
American Renaissance

Anyway, I'm done here, I think. To encapsulate: The Jena 6 SHOULD be charged as adults and the prosecutor dropping all the charges to a juvenile level doesn't serve justice. The kids who hung the nooses should be charged with disturbing the peace or something like that.

For Al Sharpton to ask, nay demand, these kids should be let off, well, if the roles were reversed, he'd feel differently. Justice should be color blind but Al Sharpton only wants it to see white people. And that's what's wrong with the world. People don't want to be accountable for their actions and when a person of color USES their skin color to gain sympathy, well, that makes me sick too. If you don't want me to see you as black, don't wave it in my face everytime you draw a breath.

That's just my two cents.