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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

O.J. Simpson arrested... Again

Las Vegas has him now, O.J. Simpson, the Juice.

Simpson is being held in the Las Vegas county jail on criminal charges; being held without bail.

Did he murder someone? Nope. He hasn't killed, or even injured, anyone. Did he use a weapon in the commission of a felony? Nope, no gun or knife anywhere to be found on his person. So what heinous crime did he commit in order to garner such harsh treatment, usually reserved for the most serious of felonies?

He tried to get back some of his stolen memorabilia. And the Goldman family is, again, being asses about it.

For those of you living in a bubble or underground with no access to any kind of news whatsoever, O.J. was accused of killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. He was found not guilty by a group of twelve men and women who heard ALL the evidence, some ad nauseum. However, in a civil trial, where the families of those killed want some kind of justice, even if it's the wrong person, sued and won a judgment against O.J., making them the rightful owners of all that is O.J. For a group of people who profess to hate this man, they sure want him in their lives enough to chase down every shoelace or napkin this guy has used in his lifetime.

I'm not one of those who unerringly believes O.J. is innocent of the crimes he was accused of. I also don't know if he's guilty or not; I wasn't there, I didn't witness the murders, I only heard about them through the sensationalistic media, like the rest of the world. My take on it is this: If you are found "not guilty" by a jury of your peers, that should be the end of it, period. Had he been found guilty, then by all means family members of those killed, loot his house like it's New Orleans after a hurricane. However, O.J. was found to be "not guilty". Leave the poor man alone.

The link I included in the title of this post isn't about his being arrested, per SE, but about a friend of his believing O.J. was set up for this robbery. As swiftly as the Goldman family is moving to get O.J.'s stuff, I almost believe it, that he was set up. And why is he being charged with a crime of armed robbery when HE didn't have a gun or knife? Is someone anxious to get O.J. in prison? Wow, do the players in this whole thing have a penchant for hatred and wrong-doing...

Let me bottom line this for you: While I empathize with the families of Nicole and Ron Goldman, no one should lose a child in this way, I lost my ability to side with them when they so vehemently go after an "innocent" man. Since their family members were killed they have made it their single-minded mission to destroy O.J. Simpson. That kind of hatred kills the person feeling it. I can remember seeing Nicole Simpson's sister on TV when the trial was going on and by the way she looked, she already hated the world BEFORE her sister was murdered. That woman looked like a battle axe ready to fall. And I gotta say this, though one should really never speak ill of the dead, Nicole looked worse than did her sister. That was one heinous face, and everyone talks about how beautiful she was. I'm sorry, but I don't see it at all. In Wikipedia, there is a wedding photo of she and O.J. Her face is one of misery rather than one celebrating one of the happiest days of your life.

The Goldman's and the Browns need to start healing. Allow O.J. some of his life back. He didn't kill your family members. Also, with the kind of hatred you carry around, you're all going to die premature deaths due to the karma you throw out in the world. The only way to heal is to try to put some of this behind you. My hairdresser lost a son to murder, and she knew for sure who did it since the person confessed to it all. She sends him cards in prison and has forgiven him. Now THAT'S a good person! She doesn't spend every waking moment hating the way the Goldman's and Brown's do. She has gotten on with her life, albeit without the son she loved deeply and totally, but she HAS moved forward rather than stagnating like the Goldman's and the Browns. If ever a group of people needed therapy, it's this one. I'd venture to guess they could all go to the same therapist and get some kind of discount. But then never will. Some people just like to be unhappy.

But that's just my two cents, and what do I know?