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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Senator Craig to resign...

Wow, I can't remember the last time someones sex life fell under so much speculation... Oh, wait, it was when Clinton was president and he was using the oval office as his personal sex room.

I've never been a fan of Billary Clinton. I think they got away with too much crime to be person's of any credibility. However, a person's sex life should be private, no matter how publicly they committed their acts.

Bill brought a lot of it on himself but at the same time if you were a man, if you were a sex hound, if you were the president, wouldn't you use your position as the leader of the free world to get as much ass as you could get? Oh, and if you were a man married to Hillary, whether you were president or not, even if you dug ditches for a living, wouldn't you cheat as much as possible? Gawd, is that woman heinous.

But I digress... Senator Craig.

Okay, it's starting to look like he DID do what he was accused of doing. However, we have a man who is VEHEMENTLY denying it all. I also read the transcript from the interview and from jump he is denying it, telling the police officer, over and over, he feels he was entrapped (I'm paraphrasing since he only actually said it once). Also, I've read somewhere that this all started with "someone" tapping their feet.

I have a thirteen-year-old son who sings when he's in the bathroom. He likes singing, he usually does it with his Zune in his ears and he doesn't care who's listening. In the midst of all this singing, he's probably tapping his feet. I know his singing is breaking the sound barrier and there are dogs everywhere covering their ears and howling but it's the tapping his feet that will get him into trouble? For someone who doesn't know that tapping your feet is the international symbol for wanting gay sex, this single act could land them in jail. I mean, seriously?

Before people start posting I am a homophobe, I'm not. I have two gay cousins who are wonderful human beings, inside and out. My siblings and I stay in touch with many of our cousins, whether they're gay or not and our children, most of them adults now, spend time with them too. Being gay doesn't make you a pariah, it makes you a human being with an alternative lifestyle. (And I kind of hate calling it an alternative lifestyle, too. I mean, what if it were "normal" to homosexual? I'd be the outcast!)

The bottom line to all of this, however, is that a person's sex life should be private. Living in the public eye shouldn't mean you are forced into a public life where your entire life is subject to review by the general public.

Nonetheless, I am tired of politician's and their lies.

Bill Clinton: "I didn't inhale." I don't CARE that he smoked pot in college. It was the 60's and everyone was doing it. What I do care about is his lying about it.

Bill Clinton: "I didn't have sex with-that woman-Monica Lewinsky." I don't CARE he had sex with this young woman. I DO care that he lied about it when confronted with the evidence. The fact that Monica held onto the soiled dress with his, ahem, manly juices on it, well, that's a whole 'nother pathology in my book and she has definite issues.

Senator Craig and his denials of being gay. If he's not, then people need to leave him alone. If he is, he needs to be a man and own up to it all. I am of the school of thought, much like Queen Victoria, "I don't care what people do so long as they don't scare the horses."

To encapsulate all of this: I don't care what people are doing; just own up to it when faced with the evidence.

Though I believe your private life should remain private, I also believe in owning the consequences of your actions. When you choose the public life, you choose to allow people to view your life through a microscope. Unfortunately, this is one of the pitfalls of living this life. While I feel these magazines that make it a practice to "out" people are repulsive I also feel that people shouldn't deny things when called on the carpet.

Just my two cents, and who am I, really?