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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Britney Spears and the leeches she acquired...

It seems to be that bashing Britney is a sport now. First, it's her ex-husband, uh, K-Fed? Then it's someone who's car she accidentally hit (OK, that one was legitimate), then it's, uh, K-Fed again, then it was K-Fed yet again, then it was some photographer who says she ran over his foot while he was stalking her in a parking garage (and we have to wonder if this is even true since we ALL know how wonderful and polite the paparazzi are), then it was, uh, K-Fed AGAIN! NOW, it's some company who says they did work for her to the tune of $15,000.00. When are people going to leave her alone?

It seems to me, uh, K-Fed, who's winning in all of this. She's being driven nuts by all this attacking her personally and professionally. Anyone, I don't care who you are, would crack under this much scrutiny. And the crazier she gets over all this, the less she gets to see her kids. The less she sees her kids, the more child support, uh, K-Fed gets. He's a money hungry leech who is sucking her dry, dry, dry.

However, to prove my point, here're some links to stories that discuss all of this:

Former manager sues
Britney Big Spender (note how much child support he gets. She's STILL supporting his dead ass)
Did Britney run over another foot?

And to me, there's an article out there which exposes the family court system and its' inequities towards parents. Family court should be the LAST place these decisions should be made. I mean, uh, K-Fed has his kids and all he's going to teach HIS sons is how to marry money and never have to work another day in your life. See, the family court visitation supervisor submitted paperwork to the court that Britney was uncooperative towards them. On one of the dates, Britney didn't even have the kids! What was the court visitation supervisor even DOING with Britney if she didn't have the kids? Seems to me the family court there is trying to stack the deck in favor of, uh, K-Fed, at the expense of these poor kids who probably love their mom more than anything. Anyway, to read the article, go here.

Seems to me Britney is getting hit hard from all directions and not all of it is true. Her leeching ex-husband is producing "witnesses" to Brit's bad parenting skills who have never even had contact with her. Now the court is producing "witnesses" who are saying Britney is a bad parent, even when she doesn't have the kids.

Wow, she needs a new lawyer. She might need the same attorney David Hasselhoff used since he got full and sole custody of his kids just days after a video came out on Youtube (put there by the same kids he won custody of, BTW) showing him drunk as a lord.

Brit needs a break from the family court system and her ex-husband. I'd say she needs to get the kids for a couple weeks and go to Louisiana to spend some time with her momma, her sister, her papa, anyone who would take care of her and the kids.

I feel badly for Brit and that makes me hate, uh, K-Fed even more since I was never one to follow the lives of "Hollywood". Now he's got me defending someone I don't even know, who doesn't know me, and she's rich and famous to boot. Gawd, I make myself sick.

But who am I to judge? Just my two cents.