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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hillary tells a story as she campaigns that seems to be untrue...

Wow, Hillary, as part of her campaigning, is telling a story about a young mother in Ohio who died as a result of lack of health care and/or money. It's a sad story and it really tugs at the heart strings. Turns out, it's untrue.

This isn't the first time she's been caught in this kind of lie. She also tells of a trip to war torn Bosnia when she and Chelsea deplaned under sniper fire. (To read about this one, read the editorial written by Don Kornreich of the Frederick News-Post.)

Apparently, Hillary's campaign is rife with lies, lies and more lies. Apparently there are so many, a web page has been devoted to exposing her falsehoods. Dick Morris, a columnist at has written an opinion piece about Hillary and her shenanigans entitled "Hillary's List of Lies". it would seem this woman wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and hit her in her face. But then she's acquainted with Al Gore, you know, the guy who invented the Internet (uh, the Army did that oh so long ago, didn't they?) Dick Morris also writes a column about Hillary's rabid belief in the stupidity of the voters. It's a good one called "Hillary's Biggest Mistake".

My thinking on Hillary is her arrogance will be her downfall. She believes she has enough charisma to convince the rest of the country everything she tells them. She's condescending, she's a royal bitch and the more I get to know her, the more I understand why Bill was chasing anything with a skirt. Probably when he's at home with the little lady, his testicles sit in a jar on the mantle of the fireplace, with a nice placard that says, "Hillary's". I'll bet Christmas is a dream at their home; Bill gets Hill some ball warmers and she gets him a skirt and heels to wear around the house.

But, Democrats being who they are, Hillary will give Obama a run for his money because people are able to be convinced of almost anything, in spite of what the evidence shows them. Instead of dropping out of a race she won't win, instead of allowing the two true candidates run their campaigns in preparation for this November, she has to stay in it. She'll stay in it until the last dog is hung. Why? Not because she thinks she can win it, but because her arrogance won't allow her to do anything else. BUT - her staying in this race like she is has been good for McCain. He hasn't had to do anything at all but stand back and watch the kids fight in the school yard. Obama and Hill are now petitioning different states to hold ANOTHER primary election. (See this article in USA Today.)

Seems the Dems are up in arms because a couple states held early primaries, in violation of some arbitrary set of rules. Now that we're down to two Democratic candidates, they want Florida and Michigan to have primaries again. Um, if the roles were reversed and it was the Republicans asking for it, Dems would be crying foul all over the place, up one side and down another. Why is it Dems only want to bend the rules (Or outright break them) when it benefits THEM?

I'm terrified Hillary will win. She would be the worst possible president to ever lead this country and she would wreak such havoc as to destroy us all. I don't know Obama is much better but at least he doesn't want forced health care coverage via wage garnishments for every employed person out there, whether you can afford it or not.

But who am I to judge? This is just my two cents...