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Friday, April 11, 2008

It must be a slow news day...

Embedded in the title of this posting is a link to an article about an occasion, and photograph, of epic proportions!

Apparently, the White House website featured some photos of Dick Cheney outdoors and in his sunglasses is a reflection of... wait for it... HIS ARM HOLDING A FISHING ROD!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read correctly. Dick Cheney was fishing and in the reflection of his sunglasses is, wow, him fishing.

I guess the news outlets and bloggers had nothing better to talk about because this is garnering national attention and burning up the Internet with speculation as to what was on his sunglasses, until the White House revealed the truth. People were speculating it was a naked woman in his reflection and this was BIG news!

Seriously? This is what gets people's attention? Dick Cheney fly fishing? Wow, what a world we live in. There's so much happening in the world that people could be talking about. I could suggest some topics for people if they have really run out of water cooler conversation. How about, I don't know, um, doing away with the IRS and going to a flat tax? How about getting the Democrats to stop trying to turn this country into a socialist nation with their plans of socialized medicine? How about Hillary's lame-brain idea that having medical insurance is mandatory and a wage assignment in place will be the solution? How about the fact that the Dems have two people running for President and neither of them know the first thing about running a country or anything larger than a postage stamp? How about these same two people having absolutely no background in foreign affairs? How about both these people thinking the solution to the war in Iraq being we need to pull out immediately?

These are just a few topics that people can discuss which are FAR more relevant than whether or not Dick Cheney has a naked (I prefer to say nekkid but some people might be offended, like I really care but...) woman in the reflection of his sunglasses. Cheese and rice, people! Grow up!