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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Daisy gets bit...

One of the more horrible aspects of living in the desert is rattlesnakes. I truly hate the things and can find no purpose for them on God's green earth but they continue to live here and do things like what happened to my Daisy. Now I should mention that I love this dog to distraction. She is one of the sweetest animals on the planet and she hasn't a mean bone in her body, unless you happen to be a rabbit and then all bets are off.

Anyway, Daisy was bitten last night around 8 o'clock and we tried valiantly to get a Vet to take care of her. We use a vet the next town over from us in Sierra Vista, Coronado Animal Clinic. We called the emergency line like we have in the past and there was a piece of crap little punk working the line who decided she wasn't going to do her job. She refused to call the vet for us, telling us we weren't customers even though we had our pug there three weeks ago to be neutered. No matter what I did, she wouldn't do anything for us. I begged, I pleaded, I cursed, I threatened and I wept. The most emotion I got out of this girl was for her to say, "My dog died last month, why should I care about yours?" At another point, Daisy was wailing for the pain, and if you've ever heard a coon hound wail, it's the most soulful sound you can hear and it breaks your heart. The brat on the phone heard this and said, "Wow, that sounds terrible. You must feel really bad that you can't do anything." I swear, if I could have gotten through the phone, I'd have choked her.

We DID have the option to take Daisy to Tucson, two hours away, at the cost of $1500 just to walk in the door, which we don't have. At one point, I suggested to the brat at the answering service that since we didn't have that kind of money, she needed to hit a street corner and start hooking it until she got that money and then give it to us (yeah, like we have that kind of time, a dollar at a time).

We finally found a vet that would help us out, about one and a half hours after Daisy had been bitten and they are angels. We took her to the Sierra Animal Hospital. The vet happened to be in, a tech happened to answer the phone, we happened to be able to leave immediately. They gave her an IV, some antibiotics, some pain meds and took care of an upset mommy as well as an injured dog. They were a beacon.

We opted to NOT use the anti-venin primarily because it's so expensive, $1500 a shot. However, after seeing Daisy, the vet didn't feel she got a big bite. Apparently the swelling can get MUCH worse than Daisy's did.

I would recommend to all and sundry that they stay away from Coronado Animal Clinic. I told the this morning about this and also said that while I understand THEY didn't do this, the people they hired to represent them DID. I also told them I was done with them as a vet. Sierra Animal Hospital has my business from this point forward. The most important thing they did, when no one else would, was they worried more about the animal than the money. We didn't leave there until after 11 o'clock last night and they were still all smiles and all business.

Thank god for people like Sierra Animal Hospital and Coronado can go to hell.
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