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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Denise Richards is at it again with her PAS'ing of her kids

The saga of the Sheen/Richards divorce continues.

To refresh your memory, Denise Richards sued Charlie Sheen for divorce and has, thus far, been a text book example of a mother using the court systems to manipulate her ex-husband. Her latest ploy has been to accuse him of molesting his kids.

When is the court going to see this is a vile, mentally ill woman who is using them to cut Charlie Sheen off from his kids so she can get more money? Charlie Sheen plans to sue her for defamation and to change custody. I hope he wins!

For those of you who don't know what PAS is, it's Parental Alienation Syndrome. Alec Baldwin's ex is a perfect example of someone doing this. It was in the news some time ago about his daughter ignoring him and his blowing up at her. The message he left was pretty scathing but understandable. The fact that it made it to the press told me everything I needed to know about Kim Bassinger, that she's using her child to manipulate the courts and her ex-husband. Denise Richards must have gotten advice from Kim on how to treat your ex like shit and control his life.

However, Denise is doing this to the wrong person. Charlie Sheen is part of a dynasty. This is a family that is extremely close and given they're also Buckeyes, probably somewhat devious as well. See, I'm also from Ohio. I remember being at a baseball game when I was in High School where my school played a game against Charlie's school. He was an amazing player and while his dad wasn't there, the rest of his extended family was. Buckeyes could be credited with creating the saying, "If you're not with me, you're against me."

I've been waiting for this day, the day Charlie Sheen finally had enough and started fighting back. He's tried for too long to take the high road, be the good guy, and the problem has only gotten worse. Also, Charlie is FAR more successful than is his ex-wife. He's an Oscar winner and has the ability to pull in millions with one movie while she's still a Grade B actress who is lucky anyone knows who she is once you get past the fact she's Charlie Sheen's ex-wife. Charlie could lose a million a day and STILL have more money than Carter has liver pills.

I can say with some authority that the path Richards has chosen is one that will eventually separate her from her kids. It might be the courts that do it, it will be the kids themselves. Eventually they will grow up and see the truth for what it really is, that their mother went out of her WAY to alienate them from their father. She'll probably still have a relationship with them but it will be one filled with resentment and hatred. Charlie, on the other hand, will enjoy a good one with his kids and will eventually be a grandfather who is enjoying his life with his children and their children in it.

I know Charlie will never read this but I do have a personal note for him... Keep doing what you're doing, stand up for what's right, move forward with your life as you've been doing and all will be well in the end. Your ex will end up a bitter old woman, she's probably already considered damaged goods in her world by the men around her due to her indifference and cruel treatment of you. And if you ever find yourself in SE Arizona, needing to toss a baseball around, get in touch.