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Saturday, November 15, 2008

This might be a bit personal but...

After several weeks of enduring something that's been going on here, I've finally decided to blog about this, in the hopes it will put an end to what's happening. As I write this, there will be more than some bitterness attached to this and, if you read it, will understand why.

Now, here's the personal part... My husband, several years ago, had an affair with a co-worker. It turns out it was the wife of someone I graduated from High School with and we were both of us deeply affected by the whole thing. The husband of this whore was someone I grew up with, his mother was my girl scouts leader, his sister was good friends with my sister, we all attended the same church in Medway, OHour entire life while we lived there. Well, except the slut that slept with my husband... I don't know she'll ever be able to walk into a church again without worrying about lightening striking.

Anyway, my husband made the choice to end the affair months before I found out about it and it was this white trash's inability to accept that fact that was their downfall. She wouldn't stop pursuing my husband, in spite of his best efforts to get her to understand it was over. She was caught by her husband with some e-mails asking my husband to meet with her and his refusals. She was finally let go from her employers but couldn't leave without hugging him goodbye. See, I let their supervisor know what was going on and they were under strict orders to stay away from each other, something this piece of trash couldn't/wouldn't do. She was finally fired over it.

However, the reason I write all this now, several years later, is because she is still trying to get in touch with him by visiting my blog fairly regularly. I have a tracker on this site that tells me who visits, from where and when. She shows up in the tracker about once a week or so as having been a visitor. I wish I could remember her name since posting it here would start putting it in search engines, allowing her to google her name and helping the world to know just what she's been up to. But, we have worked so hard here to remove this piece of gutter trash from our lives and memories that my husband can't remember her name either.

All this being said, this next part is for the porky slut that won't let go after seven years - My husband has made it ABUNDANTLY clear he wants nothing to do with you. He didn't want anything to do with you while we were still in Ohio, he doesn't want anything to do with you now that we are in Arizona. Should I see again via my tracking device here on the site that you have visited me, I intend to call Bill and let him know you are doing this, probably in the hopes you will find the information as to how to contact my husband. See, I still talk to your husband from time to time, him being an old family friend. My sister is still in touch with your sister-in-law from time to time, her being an old family friend and all. Unless you want this to blow up in your face, it will all be told.

Now, for the rest of you, this little speck of fly shit told my husband she would never leave her husband because she didn't want to lose the house they bought earlier. I let her husband know this, that the only thing holding them together was the house. I also offered to testify on his behalf should they ever get a divorce, Ohio being a grounds state and all, thereby allowing him to retain not just the house and money but the kids as well. He married a skanky slut who can't keep it in her pants and he needs to know.

For anyone who happens to stumble across this posting with the intention of finding out whether or not your significant other is cheating, I lend this advice:
  1. If you are the cheater and have gotten away with it - you will feel guilty about it if it's one of the first. Don't tell your significant other out of some sense of obligation. You'll feel better but your significant other will feel like crap.
  2. Don't cheat in the first place.
  3. As the one being cheated on - if you think it's happening, it probably is. People say the wife is the last one to know. That's not true. They are just the last one to admit it out loud.

I guess that's all for now. Again, to the whore, slut, gutter trash piece of crap that won't leave my husband I alone, this is the only warning you're going to get. Let it go or I WILL call your husband.