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Thursday, December 25, 2008

And a happy Christmas to all

Wow, what a holiday season! I have been extremely busy with my writing but also with taking care of some health issues!

This holiday season has not been without it's ups and downs, to say the least. Sadly, I had to let go of a 'friendship that I thought was significant. It was only through a great deal of thought and consideration that I had to let this "friend" go when I came to realize she had/has no emotional investment in any human relationship outside of those required of her (meaning her family, who is part of her life merely by accident). I thought I was through with her, however, she has opted to have her online acquaintances (see, as a socially dysfunctional person, she has no real friendships, only online ones; read: ones she can control) harass me via e-mail and here at this blog. Plans to contact the local courts and file a restraining order against her are in the works now, having already printed out a comment someone attempted to post here as documentation she is now enlisting her minions (read: not real-life friends but controlled, online acquaintances) to perform her dirty work. The funny thing is, however, that the comments are being left anonymously, meaning they have the same yellow streak down their backs as my former friend. It is only the truly courageous that post their name to their words and it is the anonymous who "hit and run" with their lack of conviction.

Another funny thing about this is, I have a program attached to this blog that traps all necessary information to locate the person harassing me (Perhaps Dobbs Ferry, Ny rings a bell?). I'm sure the police will enjoy this, since new laws have just been passed related to internet harassment. WOW, apparently these people are too stupid to pick up a newspaper and read all about it. That or they don't have enough time on the computer at whatever mental health facility in which they live when given their "free-time".

Anyway, that's off my chest and I look forward to contacting the local authorities regarding the online harassment. Hopefully they will allow me to watch as they charge my former "friend (we'll just call her the lunatic from this point on) with a variety of crimes.