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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mexico won't buy meat from the US citing unclean conditions? Puh-leeze!

I read this article this morning and about fell off the couch! Mexico thinks meat processing plants in the United States are unclean? Um, no, I'm declaring shenanigans on this one.

The gist of the Reuters article that is linked to the headline on this post is that Mexico is balking at a new law that went into effect recently called the "Country of Origin Labeling", which requires the meat processing plants to put on the label of all meat whether it's from the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc. Fearing their meat won't be chosen in favor of US grown meat (I know that's what I would do.) Since it's well-known that the USDA has some pretty stringent requirements when it comes to what goes into the meat we eat while it's still four feet on the ground, I'd feel better knowing I was eating US grown meat.

I will say that, according to the article, Mexico buys a great deal of their meat from the United States, and the "embargo" lasted just one day. However, it got me thinking of one thing; if Mexico's meat is so great, why do they have to buy from the United States? And if our meat is so "unclean" then why do they continue to buy meat from us?

I, for one, am tired of Mexico thinking they can dictate terms to the United States. First, they invade our borders to the tune of thousands of people a day crossing, then they don't want labels on the meat signifying from whence it came? When did it become okay to disobey the law? Oh, wait, silly me... It became okay to do that when our government started telling them it was okay in the form of lack of enforcement for crossing said border. To reinforce this idea, Obama has assigned someone to run Homeland Security that couldn't/wouldnt' do it for Arizona, can't/won't do it for the United States, in the form of Janet Napolitano.

I'm not going to go on a rant about Obama since I'll have four of the longest years of my life to do that, so we'll just stop here and I'll leave you with a final thought - Mexico needs to settle down and start creating some of their own guidelines as it relates to the meat they grow. If they are putting out a quality product, people don't care where it comes from.