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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife - Wow, is his fiancee in for it...

I couldn't believe this when I saw it, that Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, Denise Richards, had it written into the custodial agreement that "she" had to provide day care of "their" kids when they were with their father.

What a controlling, manipulative witch she is... But then, she's a lot like most custodial parents across the nation, where they feel "they" are the only ones in the world who can care for "their" kids. (*Note I didn't allow the use of any type of text which would signify both parents are actually the parents of these kids. After a divorce, moms tend to get pretty possessive of the kids, feeling they no longer share any DNA with their father.)

And then, as if she hasn't acted bizarre enough as it is, she contacts him about his fathering a third child with her, via a "donation" to the cause.

See Here to read an article about that

I have to say this about Denise Richards, she's creative in her attempts to manipulate Charlie Sheen.

The following, in my opinion, can be considered truisms in relation to all of this:

  1. Denise thought Charlie was such a bad husband she needed a divorce from him while she was pregnant with their second child. Denise Richards Files For Divorce
  2. Denise thought Charlie was such a bad father she took extreme measures to keep him from his children. Sheen and Richards Custody Battle Turns Uglier
  3. She seems to believe she can get him back whenever she wishes, given he came back once to attempt a reconciliation, seemingly for the sake of their children. Back Together Again
  4. She worked HARD towards forcing him to take full responsibility for the problems in their marriage, as though living with her was a carnival. Princess Wants an Apology
  5. In order to reunite their family, he made all the compromises... He's Anal, She's Not
  6. If she wants time with "her" children, she's being a good parent. If he wants more time with "their" children, he's being spiteful. Denise Disgusted at Legal Action
  7. If she's unhappy with him, he doesn't see his children. If he's unhappy with her, he has to file a legal document. Denise invites him to lunch so he can see his kids
  8. Sheen files paperwork with the court to allow him more time with his children, sans appointed nannies. (see link below) It also seems he's not permitted to see his kids when he's supposed to, either. Richard's mom seems to be undergoing chemo and needs more times with "her grandchildren". Okay, sorry about the cancer, been there, done that, but if he hadn't seen his daughters in two weeks, I think Mom can go without them for a few days. She's undergoing Chemo for a pretty serious illness. Give her a rest.

The article at this link has Denise saying the following: "This is disgusting. He is doing this now because he's not happy with me and the custody arrangement."

Uh, duh!!!!!!!!! If Denise Richards were any kind of parent at all, she'd understand he IS their father and instead of raising her daughters to be man-haters, she'd allow them to spend time with their father. Also, her mother is sick with a potential life-taking illness. Children as young as Sam and Lola don't need to be exposed to that kind of death. My father died of cancer several years ago and my then seven year old son didn't understand it at all. It's manipulative to use her sick mother as an excuse for keeping the girls from Charlie. He's their father...

Also, let's put the shoe on the other foot, shall we? What if it were one of Charlie's family who were sick with cancer. Would she allow him to have more time with the children so they could, in turn, spend more time with the Sheen who was ill? Nope, nope, and more nope. See, manipulation only works if it benefits the person who is doing the manipulation.

To be honest, Charlie should ask for a custody evaluation. Denise is tee-totally nuts and she's narcissistic enough to believe she is above reproach. Custody Evals are done by an independent third party, usually a family therapist, and are ALL about the best interest of the children. When my husband's ex got nuts on us (and it doesn't take long, usually about as long as it takes to put an engagement ring on another woman's hand) we had one. The evaluator strongly recommended we get full custody since mom was so crazy. By the time it got to this point, though, the kids were so PAS'd they were barely talking to us. And mom wouldn't bring them to their family therapy appts. so we had to stop everything. They were the ones suffering for it all, not us, not their mom.

Charlie'll never see this. He isn't in the habit of surfing people's blogs, but he needs to take control of this situation by filing for full custody and asking for an evaluation. Do it fast, do it now...

Denise'll never see this either, she's too busy surfing "bad mommy" sites. But she needs therapy, intensive in-patient therapy. Do it fast, do it now.

Just my two cents. I'm out.