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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And now, let's touch on the whole Owen Wilson thing...

Okay, I have to admit, I was kind of stunned yesterday when I first heard the news that Owen Wilson attempted suicide Sunday.

My first response, my first knee-jerk reaction, was, "What the heck does this guy have to be unhappy about? What's so bad in his life he feels he can't live it any longer?"

My second response was more empathetic, however, when it occurred to me, anyone suffering from depression would have a similar response to any kind of stress. Who knows what drove him over the edge?

Was it his breakup with Kate Hudson? Did a movie of his not do as well as he thought it should or would? Did his dog just die? Was he just having a really bad day and the thought of another one was too much?

The truth of the matter is this - none of us will ever know. Depression, and a person's reasons for committing suicide are all personal. But, as personal as something like this is, I believe the following to be true: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Like it says in the bible, this too shall pass.

I had two friends from High School commit suicide after graduation. Suicide is one of the most extremely selfish things to do to the people left behind. You can leave a note if you wish, it still won't answer all the questions you'll plant in the minds of those who love you. It can be a note the size of War & Peace and it won't answer all the questions...

That being said, Owen, I hope you get better. I hope you get the help you need to become as whole as someone with your condition can become. My husband suffers from depression in a pretty big way and it's not easy to contend with. Get better... Do everything you can and live a long, healthy life.

But, and this is a big but, don't do this to your family again. These people love you, no matter what, and your death won't change that, it enhances it, the memories of what they had with you as a part of their life and the angst that goes along with a life cut short. Every birthday, every Christmas, every Easter, everything, revolves around the lack of (fill in the blank). People might not say it out loud, but they're all thinking it, and it dampens the joy of the occasion.

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