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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Britney's Custody Battle Goes On...

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to write about recently. The California fires are the talk this week, but what can I say about that? I feel terribly for these people but until the idiots at FEMA start to work, there won't be much TO say. (Think about how FEMA handled the whole Katrina thing... How much money was wasted?)

I decided to finally give my thoughts on Britney Spears and her legal issues.

First, I feel sorry for this girl. She's spent her entire life being surrounded by people who couldn't give a whit about her, parents included. She has been everyone's ATM for so long, and all the adoration that goes along with it, she wouldn't know a good person if they jumped up and bit her on the behind. (TIP FOR BRIT: a GOOD person wouldn't bite you on the behind.)

Second, as a result of her poor people skills, she chose a husband who was REALLY in it for the money. He's a viper and a leech and his sole interest in retaining any kind of custody at all is because of how much interest he can obtain with his high yield, high interest bearing accounts. This guy is ALL about the money... If he were any kind of father at all, he would never have left his current girlfriend (at one time his ex-girlfriend) pregnant with his first child. This guy is a L-O-S-E-R from top to bottom, side-to-side...

To be sure, Britney has been on a self-destructive streak lately. She shaved her head a few months ago and it's seemed to have gone on from there, but K-Fed is really running her through the wringer, over and over again. Brit needs to be ordered into therapy, the judge needs to issue some kind of order forbidding anyone in her family to contact her AT ALL and she needs to spend some time with her kids, alone, with someone around to keep an eye on things...

The best thing the judge did was to order them into parenting classes together. The second best thing he did was to order her, alone, into parenting classes. He needed to get K-Fed in there too, since his parenting skills, in his mind, are directly related to his bank balance. (I got to say, I really hate even using the term K-Fed since it's really so ridiculous, but I don't have the energy to write out his whole name either so...)

Anyway, K-Fed's bringing in a litany of "witnesses" who are testifying to her unfitness as a mother, she brings in counter witnesses who testify the people saying she's a bad mother have never had any contact with her to know these things. The judge buys into the crap K-Fed's slinging like it was water and he's dying of dehydration. Seriously?

The latest rampage his attorney's are on is that Britney is purposely generating media attention by going out in public. Um, what? She can't go anywhere without the media following her. She walks to the pool, there's the paparazzi in the trees outside her estate. She goes to the grocery store, again, there they are. She leaves her driveway, again... This kid can't catch a break right now because the paparazzi are hounding her so badly. Maybe she needs to get some kind of court order forbidding the paparazzi of coming within 500 feet of her. She needs to rest and can't, thanks to her ex-husband... I think he's intentionally doing this to her, hoping to drive her over the edge so he can say, "See?" This is one of the signs of an abuser... They are the single most passive-aggressive people you'll ever meet. I wouldn't put it past her ex to be the one keeping the paparazzi on her tail.

I long for the day Brit gets her act together and removes those kids from the life of their deadbeat, cheating, lying dad before they grow up and become even less productive members of society than he has been.

But, I'm sure the press will keep us all posted. I mean, gawd, this girl farts and it's headlines.