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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Dems will do whatever they have to do...

To vilify a Republican. I mean, seriously?

See, according to the Dems in the state, the California fires are a result of "something" the President did or didn't do. According to Barbara Boxer, Democratic Senator from the state of California, the fires wouldn't have been as bad as they were had it not been for the Iraq War. Wow, nice segue into your personal agenda, which has nothing, really, to do with the war OR the fire and everything to do with making our President look like the bad guy.

See, more and more, I'm noticing, the Democratic side of the political aisle is no longer about doing what's best for the country but about furthering their agenda. During Vietnam there was so much polarization inside the beltway it caused a huge failure there, with many, many lives lost while the Democrats had their temper tantrum, the soldiers in Vietnam suffered. At one point, the funding was shut off for our action in Vietnam. Now, seriously, who did that REALLY hurt? Our "capable" representatives and senators in Washington? Nope, it was the foot soldiers, pilots and leaders who suffered. THEY were the ones who paid for the infantile actions of our political leaders.

What's the first rule in winning a way? The Romans knew this and it still holds true today: Divide and conquer. The insurgents in Iraq know the longer they hold out, the more likely their victory because the Democrats are creating an air of division. The polarization in our country is our own worst enemy and it's working for the bad guys.

The same thing that happened in Vietnam is happening today. Let's blame the President for everything that's wrong in the world. Katrina suffered from this problem. The people of New Orleans needed help but the Democrats there were SOOOOOO busy blaming everyone else, especially the President, for all that was wrong there. Instead of focusing on the needs of the people, the Dems were focusing on creating dissension amongst the American people. Again, did the politicos suffer? Nope, the people of New Orleans suffered...

Do I have a solution for this? No, I don't, other than to spank the people who are causing these problems. There should be some kind of test people have to take before they can run for political office, something along the lines of a maturity test. It should be required that to represent the people of your state, you should at least have the maturity to represent THEM instead of your personal agenda.

The people of California needs help now, not finger pointing. They need someone to step in and help them take care of problems. Schwarzenegger seems to be prepared to do that, if not for his having to dodge the accusations of the Democrats there and across the country. I guess all that's left to say at this point, to the Dems, is "Step up and help", stop with the finger pointing and dig in.

But who am I to judge? That's just my two cents.