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Monday, October 29, 2007

Owen Wilson and his first interview...

Owen's back interviewing... His first interview, though, was with Wes Anderson and it was posted on YouTube. I find that a little strange. Why not People? Why not Nutcases Monthly? Why not the National Enquirer? Why not someplace where it was guaranteed to reach a large audience? Why not put it out there as an inspiration to the world that one CAN overcome depression and a suicide attempt? Why not talk about depression and the suicide attempt?

Owen was in a position here to make some REAL impressions. The idiots in Hollywood are well-known for being, well, idiots, with their drinking, drugs and walking away from car accidents with no other thought in their heads but, "I'm famous and nothing can happen to me." Here we have a guy who suddenly seemed incredibly human to the rest of the world and he doesn't use his personal story to inspire others?

I don't know... Call me crazy, but if I had the soap box to stand on that he now has, I'd use it all day, every day. There have to be people out there who are in such dispair that hearing from Owen Wilson that he not only survived his suicide attempt but THRIVED! He could help these people hear that life really is worth living, if you look hard enough, through the depths of your darkness.

No, he can't DO that... Is he planning a book or screenplay to tell the story? That might actually be a movie worth seeing. If he's planning it, can he make some kind of announcement so I don't go around thinking what a dick he is for not sharing his personal struggles?

As I read this, I find myself thinking, "Wait, Nancy... But you are one of those people who really couldn't care less about the Hollywood brats. You tell people all the time there's much ado about nothing there."

True, I DO say that, all the time, to the chagrin of my family. But, depression is an issue that affects my family. It affects a lot of families, some with suicide, some with suicide attempts, some with the daily darkness that lives in the minds of the depressed. I'm sure there were other suicides and attempts when the news hit that Owen did this. I mean, seriously, if his life sucks enough to chuck it all... My life pales in comparison to his so should I cut myself loose from the world?

Owen, you would touch so many lives were you to just tell your story. Go on Oprah, go on Montell Williams, go on Ellen or The Tonight Show. Any of these people would treat you with dignity and respect and allow you to share in a manner that is SURE to have some effect.

Anyway, I'm glad he's doing better. Depression is a terrible thing to combat and I was sad at the thought of a world with no Owen Wilson. He's an incredibly funny and deep person. His brother, Luke, is the same and I hated the idea of seeing him sad, too.

But who am I? This is just my two cents.