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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Illegal alien saves the life of a 9-yr old boy

Anyone who reads me regularly knows I'm about an ant-illegal immigration as a person can get, but this particular story in yesterday's new caught my eye. As a result of this particular illegal alien, I believe there CAN be exceptions to the rule.

To encapsulate:

A young boy and his mother were traveling on a remote road on federal lands. The mom missed a turn and crashed over a cliff. Her son survived and mom hung on for several hours on the edge of death before succumbing. She was trapped in the vehicle and her son couldn't help her. The son, a tender 9 years old, went in search of help and found it in the form of Jesus Manuel Cordova, a 26-year-old illegal entrant to this country. Though the boy's mother had died, Cordova stayed with the boy throughout the night, keeping him warm and fed, via a fire and his jacket, and calmed him through the night, assuring him his mother was in a better place. It wasn't until the following morning some hunters happened upon the pair and got help. Border Patrol was the first on the scene and they took Cordova into custody.

Now, here's my take on it...

Cordova stayed to help another in spite of the fact it increased his likelihood of being captured. He tended to the needs and heart of a lost little boy who had just lost his mother, after having lost his father two months previous to this. Cordova was an angel sent from heaven and I don't think it's an accident his first name is Jesus (pronounced Hey-seuss in spanish). Jesus Cordova should be permitted to stay in this country for as long as he wishes. This is one man who has proven he belongs here, for this is the basis of one of the principles on which this country was founded.

Jesus Cordova was a brave man who put the needs of others above his own. He could have walked away from the boy when first approached. He could have walked away from the boy as soon as the hunters found them. He could have walked away from the boy when he found out help was on the way. But he didn't. He stayed. He stayed by this boy's side until he knew without doubt that he was safe.

To me, Cordova would make a better American than most Americans I've seen in my life. I believe most Americans would pass this by, believing it wasn't worth their loss of freedom to help a lost, frightened, cold little boy. Jesus Cordova is a hero amongst a world of cowards, those too afraid to help for fear of becoming involved. Too bad there aren't more like him in the world.

But who am I? This is just my two cents.