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Friday, November 23, 2007

Illegal immigrant changes identity to become a cop

I read this news story this morning that was written by an AP reporter. Basically, we have a young kid who wants to become a cop. He made this decision at the tender age of 15, going WAY out of his way to take on the identity of a deceased cousin. Te befair, he didn't know he was in the country illegally until his father told him, eight years after the fact. But, he WAS in the country illegally and as such, he couldn't hold a position in law enforcement.

After stealing his cousin's identity, a child who was born in the US but died at the age of 7 from cancer (this REALLY sickens me, that he would willingly take on the life of a dead child for his personal gain) he changed schools and he started calling his mother and father Aunt & Uncle. His siblings became his cousins, he was no longer Oscar but Jose.

Oscar managed to hide his identity to hide his identity for years, becoming a police officer in, I believe, Milwaukee (the article never really says where he perpetrated this fraud) and eventually worked side by side with his brother, wait... his cousin... uh, his brother? Apparently these two were superheroes, solving crime and ending strife throughout the land (it seems the reporter on this story wants to wax poetic). And then it happened...

Someone, an anonymous "tipster" contacted Immigration and Naturalization and told them of this person, how he was using a false name and identity to be a police officer. INS did some research and found out this was true and they arrested Oscar/Jose at his workplace.

Now, here's where I have a problem with all of this... They guy was already an admitted felon when he applied to the police force. What were the felonies he committed? He had entered the country illegally, he assumed a false identity and he used this false identity to obtain governmental employment. The governmental employment he obtained with this false identity was as a police officer, one who is sworn to uphold the law. Apparently he wished to uphold the law only as it pertained to the rest of the world, excluding himself. His brother/cousin also hid his identity from the police force, violating the law. It would seem, as it pertains to this family, that the law only applies to anyone who is NOT family. Wow...

Oscar/Jose is awaiting sentencing from a jail cell. He could be given probation or a year's sentence in a federal facility (where "good time" is a fiction) and he will be deported. His brother, who IS a US citizen, having been born in the USA, was terminated from his job for hiding the fact his brother was a criminal. He is appealing the decision so he can get his job back. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

These two were police officers who were supposed to uphold ALL the laws, not just the ones that made them comfortable. Where in all of this was there an illegal termination? What point of law is this guy using to make the case he did nothing wrong, much less break about ten laws? And you know what? He'll probably win his job back because the media is fighting to convince us all that the illegal aliens should be pandered to. The media desperately wants the rest of the United States to believe that people who break the law to even enter this country are fine upstanding citizens who simply want a better life.

I'm sorry, but if your respect for the law begins only AFTER you break it, where's the motivation to not continue to break it?

I intend to write a letter to the Milwaukee Police Department commending them on firing both these guys. Someone has to take a stand against illegal immigration, and it starts with the indivdual. I also commend the person who knew enough to know this was wrong subsequently turning these two lawbreakers over to the authorities. My guess is it was the father of the dead child. Oscar/Jose, a known lawbreaker and liar, tells the reporter he had the permission of this person to use his dead son's identity. But we already know he's a liar, we already know he plays fast and loose with the law as it pertains to him, why should we start believing him now? How do we know this isn't a case of taking everyone around him down with him? He sure implicated enough family members.

This makes me sick that both these guys will probably walk away with not much more than a slap on the wrist.

But who am I? This is just my two cents.