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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

US Air Force Airman snorts cocaine?

This is so much stuff and nonsense I don't even know where to start.

Last month, someone named "Military Classified" posted a video on youtube that shows some misdeeds of some airmen stationed at RAF Mildenhall in England. On the site, and in news interviews, the poster says he wished to remain anonymous because he rents to military personnel.

BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm declaring shenanigans on this whole thing and here's why:

1. Falsehood #1 The poster says he went to the Air Force with the video and they weren't interested. WRONG - they would have been extremely interested in something like this, if for no other reason than to cover it up.

2. Falsehood #2 The poster wished to remain anonymous because he rents to military. UM, dude, these were taken in and around your building. Anyone there would recognize it as yours and stay away anyway. You rent that building to military like I rent the Taj Mahal for parties.

3. Falsehood #3 The poster says he got it from a former tenant who was with the 100th Security Squadron. No flippin' way. If this were true, the "former tenant" would have turned it over to the Air Force himself or destroyed it himself; he wouldn't have given it to an obvious terrorist sympathizer (read Military Classified's posts on Youtube and you'll know what I mean by this).

4. Falsehood #4 This is backtracking a little back to #1 but, if this guy really rents to military personnel, why's he doing something like this, which makes them look bad, which could lead to a decision to stop allowing single people to live off post, which could hurt him financially?

5. Falsehood #5 I watched the film on youtube and while I DID see a bunch of kids get stupid, dancing and drinking, I DIDN'T see anyone snort any drugs. The kid who is pretending to do it doesn't even do it convincingly. How this was seen as doing so is beyond me.

6. Falsehood #6 Again, the film... First of all, it's edited. Second of all, all conversation is blocked out by an American rock song (why not British? It's done by an Englishman after all...)

I could go on but you get the point. This is propaganda plain and simple. The guy who posted this RAF Mildenhall film to the site has nine other films and they're all propaganda. Remember last week, the film showing soldiers abusing a dog? Guess who posted it?

I'm guessing the main stream media doesn't take this very seriously either since it hasn't made the main stream media, probably to the chagrin of the poster. Stars and Stripes has an article about it but that's it...

This brings to mind the point I'm always making to my kids about independent thought. Don't be afraid to have one. Don't allow the media to make your decisions and form your judgements about anything. Don't be like most of the world; don't be a sheep and blindly follow...

Just my two cents.